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Message from your Chaplain


Dear Brother Knights,

The Christmas season is just about upon us. This season celebrates the birth of the Lord Jesus and the ways he manifested the presence of God among us. For the Church, only the Easter celebration of the Lord’s death and rising is more important than the Christmas season.

More Christians will go to mass on this day more than any other day of the year. I believe there are a number of reasons. First I believe that we find hope at the stable and our world desperately needs hope. I believe that we find peace at the stable in the person of Jesus. We find love at this humble stable and all of us need to know love and experience it. We ultimately find God at the stable and it is this belief that gives our lives direction and anchors us.

As we gather as families through this holiday time, let us make our gatherings wherever they take place, stables where Christ can come among us. Let our gatherings be places of hope, peace and love. Let our gatherings be a place where God comes among us. Let our gatherings be a place where Jesus can be born again and again.

I want to thank you for all that you do for our faith community, and the community at large. May you and your families have a blessed Christmas and many many blessings in the New Year.

Your Chaplain,

Fr. Dick Bester

Grand Knight’s Message


Dear Brother Knights & Ladies:

We are entering the Christmas Season where as Christians we celebrate the Birth of Christ. Charity is one of our principles, so let us remember this principle during the Christmas Season. Also let’s say “Merry Christmas” to people.

Once again our lord has called home another Brother & Sir Knight Franz Ebner. Thanks for being there at his prayer service & mass of resurrection. It was a great turnout and showed how much we appreciated all the work that Franz did. We will truly miss him as will his family.

As mentioned in our last bulletin we took on another fundraiser, delivering the Beacon Herald Phone Books. The books have arrived and we need assistance from our members to complete this project. Make it a family event. Please contact myself to assist.

Thanks for supporting our Christmas Ham Sales fundraiser. Once again Harry Visser topped the list of sellers.

Our State Charities Lottery Tickets have arrived 250 books. Once again we will be selling at the Mall. Please support Br. Jim Gaylor when he contacts you to sell books or help at the Mall.

For those wondering Br. Joe Lorentz will be hosting a New Year’s Eve Pot Luck at the hall again this year. Come out and have a great time.

On behalf of my wife Donna and myself, I wish everyone a Merry Christmas.

Your Grand Knight

John J. Price

In Memoriam


Please remember in your prayers the repose of the souls of Brother Franz Eberner, Evelyn Lobsinger, mother of Brother Mike Lobsinger, Mary Whaling, spouse of deceased Brother Eugene Whaling and Marjorie Walsh, spouse of deceased Brother Ernie Walsh and for their families.

Sick and Shut-ins

Our prayers are requested for the following Knights who are either sick or shut in:

Brothers Gary Birmingham, Father Richard Tremblay, Harry Thomas, Eugene Hagen, Al Grant, Marco Eusebi, Ron Bourque, Frank Flood, Dave Franks and Michael Gomes.

Also for Theresa Kelly, Debbie Mahood, Shirley Reeve, Anne Ryan-Murphy, Abigail Gregory-Mooney, Betty Dubrick, Lorraine Minten, and Mary Lou Palleschi.

The Value of Life Insurance for Children


As a father, you worry about your children and do everything you can to protect them. You try to raise them right and make sure they are prepared to become adults. But have you ever thought about buying life insurance for your child?

When you insure a child, you are protecting his or her future. Did you know that one out of every six adults get rated, postponed, or denied for insurance coverage? If you purchase a policy for your child from the Knights of Columbus with a guaranteed purchase option, it guarantees that more insurance can be purchased for that child at certain set dates, without proving insurability.

Unfortunately, as fathers we don’t have a crystal ball, and we don’t know what the future may have in store for our children’s health. But did you know that right now you can purchase a child’s policy, in many cases, for less than $10 a month?

I’ve heard it said that people don’t want to “profit” from the death of a child, so they won’t purchase coverage on their children. God forbid something tragic happens, those funds can come in handy at a time when finances will be the last thing on a parent’s mind. I have never heard a story about someone who regretted buying coverage on their child.

Contact me today to discuss the many policy options for child plans, including 10- and 20-Pay life insurance.

Jay Nelligan, FIC MDRT

Thank You

The semi-annual council euchre party and roast beef dinner was again very successful. Joe Lorentz reported a profit of $800 from a sold-out night.

Thanks to Ken Gaffney along with Fred Dubrick, Tom Gould, Mike Mooney, and Jim & Marlene Kelly for volunteering to stand by the Salvation Army kettle earlier this month.

Thanks to Mike Lobsinger and helpers Shawn Raiman, John Price, and Mike Mooney for organizing the skating party. 80 skaters enjoyed the outing.

Thirty members enjoyed a meal prior to the December council meeting. Thanks again to Mike for organizing the meal. After the January council meeting it will time to play Chase the Ace. Mike also sets up the Boston Pizza fund raisers for council.

Kilroy Council No 1431 Charitable Welfare Trust


As we approach the end of the calendar year we would like to remind everyone that should anyone wish to make a charitable donation & receive a charitable tax receipt, your donation would be greatly appreciated. Make cheque payable to “Kilroy Council No 1431 Charitable Welfare Trust” and mail or deliver to John Saman 29 Sutter St. Stratford, Ontario N4Z 1G7 before December 29th, so that the donation will show in our records for 2016.

You can also contribute to the Welfare Trust account by stipulating that any memorial donations made at the funeral home, in memory of friends & relatives, be made in favour of “Kilroy Council No 1431 Charitable Welfare Trust” and the funeral home will accommodate your request, after which we will issue you your charitable tax receipt.

Thanks to all who have contributed to the Charitable Welfare Trust account over the past years.

Brother John Saman

Charity Lottery Tickets


Tickets have arrived. Can we match last year’s sales?

We will be selling tickets at the Mall from Thursday December 15 to Boxing Day December 26. Contact Jim Gaylor (271-3446) if you can spend a 3 h shift at the Mall.

Members will be contacted by either Jim Gaylor or Gerry Culligan in the new year to receive their book (books ???) of tickets. However, if anyone wants their normal allotment of tickets before Christmas for stocking stuffers, etc, contact Jim.



BROTHERS, the following notice is a reminder that 2017 is quickly coming upon us. This will mark the start of a new fraternal year.

Please help our council fulfill its financial obligations by submitting your 2016 dues as soon as possible.



Only pay $42 if your dues are paid by December 31, 2016

An Honorary member is one who is 65 old and has 25 years continuous service.


An Honorary Life member is one who is 70 years old and has

25 years of continuous service.

If you are not certain of your status, please contact me prior to sending in your dues.

Fraternally yours

Tony Vigar (519) 271-0797

Financial Secretary

Please make cheque payable to…..



91 Earl Street., Stratford On N5A 6G4

Coming Events


Sunday Dec. 25. Feast of the Nativity of the Lord, Christmas Day

Saturday Dec. 31. New Year’s Eve Pot luck and card party, our hall

Monday January 2, Council meeting, 7:00 p.m.

Monday January 9, Knights Inc. 7:00 p.m., Knights exec. 7:45 p.m.

Tuesday January 10 Council BB Free Throw St. Michael C.S.S. 7:00 pm