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Message from your Chaplain


Dear Brother Knights,

We have just celebrated Thanksgiving and I hope all of you enjoyed the beautiful Day. We have so much for which to be thankful.

By the time that you receive this bulletin, we will be preparing for the three days of Hallowe’en, All Saints Day and All Souls day. November is the month when we commemorate the faithful departed.Over the last year, we have had a number of Knights pass away. .On November 2, we will have a memorial service at 7:00p.m. at Immaculate Conception Church. This is a time when we not only remember the deceased Knights but all the faithful departed from our cluster who died over the past year. It is also a way for us to support the families that are grieving the loss of their loved ones. I hope as many as possible will attend this service.

As Christians, we believe in the doctrine of the Resurrection.It is the central doctrine of our faith. Life for us is changed not ended.Belief in the Resurrection gives us hope and at a time of sadness, there can be joy because of our belief. In our wake service, we say the old order has passed away, welcome the person into paradise where there will be no sorrow, no weeping nor pain but the fullness of peace and joy with your Son and the Holy Spirit for ever and ever.Surely this gives us hope. I want to assure you of our prayers and support through your time of grief.

I want to thank all of you for what you do for our faith community and the wider community.May God bless you and your families.

Your Chaplain

Fr. Dick Bester

Grand Knight’s Message

Dear Brother Knights & Ladies:

The church celebrates All Saints Day Nov 1st & All Souls Day Nov 2nd.

On November 2nd there will be a Memorial Service in which Our Parish Cluster provides us a place and time to remember our loved ones that have gone to their eternal home, and use this as a time of comfort. The Service will be at Immaculate Conception Church 7p.m. I urge you to come out and support family & friends. This service encompasses The Knights of Columbus, The Catholic Women’s League from both Parishes and The Bereavement Ministry Committee.

In last month’s bulletin I mentioned that we were looking at making some changes for our council meetings. At the October Council Meeting it was agreed to start the meetings at 7 PM. The attendance prize will be discontinued and those funds will be used for Fraternal Activities following

During the Ontario State Convention held in April this year Resolution # 11 was passed. (Resolution # 11 to Increase Per Capita by $3.00). We have discussed this at our executive meetings and have resolved to increase our dues to $ 45.00 effective Jan 1, 2017. Any member having already paid

$ 42.00 for their 2017 dues or do so by December 31, 2016 will be issued a membership card for the 2017 calendar year.

Our Membership Committee is actively working on holding a 1st Degree. If you know of any potential men that should be approached notify Mike Mooney or myself.

Once again we will be selling Christmas Hams, summer-sausage & pepperettes. More to follow.

The Knight’s Christmas Turkey Dinner & Social will be held on Friday

Dec. 9th. Some Brothers have inquired about getting a Knight’s Polo Shirt. Dave Nickel will hold the cost if he gets an order for at least 6 shirts. If interested contact me.

Your Grand Knight

John J. Price

Sick and Shut-ins


Our prayers are requested for the following Knights who are either sick or shut in:

Brothers Gary Birmingham, Father Richard Tremblay, Harry Thomas, Eugene Hagen, Al Grant, Marco Eusebi, Ron Bourque, Frank Flood, and Dave Franks.

Also for Theresa Kelly, Debbie Mahood, Fran Culliton, Shirley Reeve, Anne Ryan-Murphy, Henrika Van Beek, Abigail Gregory-Mooney, Betty Dubrick, Joan Shantz and Lorraine Minten.

Request for Input and Help


BROTHERS, at the October 3 Council meeting the membership agreed to make another pledge to the St Joseph’s restoration project. This pledge hinges on us being able to present to Council a plan for raising the money that we will pledge. I was then asked to formulate a plan. To that end, I am asking any Brother who might have any ideas on how we can raise money or wishes to sit on a committee  to contact Tony Vigar at 271-0797

Brother Tony Vigar

Changes to Council Meetings


Council meetings can sometimes be a bit slow and uneventful. The executive would like to speed things up and have more time for fellowship and socializing. To that end, the reading of the minutes has been cut out of the meeting. Minutes are now emailed to members and hard copies are available at the meeting. Aside from the ‘Lorentz luncheon special of the month’ there will be the ‘Lobsinger Event of the month’ at which big-time money prizes can be won. Prize money will be provided from the now eliminated ‘Attendance Prize’.

Also note the new starting time for Council Meetings 7:00 P.M.

Message from the Diocesan Director of Vocations and Seminarians


This past summer I had the privilege of travelling with a group of just over 50 pilgrims, from our diocese, to World Youth Day in Krakow, Poland. .

I would like to share with you a portion of Pope Francis’ message to us, during the Saturday evening vigil. Reflecting on the attitude of the Apostles at Pentecost, our Holy Father warned us of different paralyses in the lives of young people today. The first being fear in general, and the second being a confusion of happiness with comfort. Here are his exact words: Here are his exact words:

But in life there is another, even more dangerous, kind of paralysis.  It is not easy to put our finger on it.  I like to describe it as the paralysis that comes from confusing happiness with a sofa.  In other words, to think that in order to be happy all we need is a good sofa.  A sofa that makes us feel comfortable, calm, safe.  A sofa like one of those we have nowadays with a built-in massage unit to put us to sleep.  A sofa that promises us hours of comfort so we can escape to the world of videogames and spend all kinds of time in front of a computer screen.  A sofa that keeps us safe from any kind of pain and fear.  A sofa that allows us to stay home without needing to work at, or worry about, anything.  “Sofa-happiness”!  That is probably the most harmful and insidious form of paralysis, which can cause the greatest harm to young people.  And why does this happen Father?  Because, little by little, without even realizing it, we start to nod off, to grow drowsy and dull.”

Vocations of all kinds can only flourish with an openness to sacrificial love, which is not always comfortable but always grace-filled and leads to a deeper form of happiness in life.

With my prayers,

Fr. Patrick Bénéteau

Director of Vocations & Seminarians

Diocese of London