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Message from your Chaplain

Dear Brother Knights,

As the days lengthen and the days get warmer, we know that summer is upon us.  We also realize that for many it is a time of vacationing and holidays.  It is also a time for looking back at what has been accomplished and looking forward to the challenges that lie ahead.

I want to thank you for all that you have done over the past year.  I cannot imagine a parish or cluster without the Knights of Columbus.  I want to thank you for all that you have done.  You have always been there when needed.  Recently, you have been there for the Walkathon, the Parish Swim and picnic.  You have worked for Right to Life issues, and the Bible Camp. Then there are all the causes that you take on in the larger community.  Thank you so much.

I want to thank all those knights who have completed their term on the executive and for all the time, talent and treasure that you have contributed.  I welcome all those knights who are taking on new positions and promise our support.

In this beautiful land that is so blessed, may you sense the presence of God.  May you have a restful and safe summer.

Your Chaplain

Father Bester

Grand Knight’s Message

Dear Brother Knights,

I want to thank all the Brothers who have agreed to form our Council Executive for the upcoming term of which I have the honour to be The Grand Knight.

I also want to remind brothers that it is all of you in our council that make us who we are and what we are about by the events that we organize and participate in, such as the barbequing that we provided at the “Relay For Life”.

I also want to point out that we financially support many charities throughout the year (annually $20,000 to $25,000). I know many members are busy with work & family commitments, but please try to set aside some time to help out. To those brothers whose health does not allow this, I thank them for their past services. We are always looking for new ideas to assist our council in raising charitable money, like our new Boston Pizza night fundraiser. Any ideas are worth consideration. An old fundraiser “Share The Wealth” monthly draw profits for this year are down to less the $2,500. The expense to run this draw is $14,500 to $15,000 per year. It is getting to the position that the risk is too great to continue. A decision on whether to run another Share the Wealth will be made shortly.

Expenses at the State level never go down and there is constant pressure to increase dues. Considerable savings can be achieved if members agree to allow State to use their e-mail address to send out correspondence vs mailing to over 50,000 members. Tony Vigar sent out an e-mail to brothers requesting their approval. Your address will not be given out to anyone by the board. If you have not yet responded I urge you to do so.

We will not have a Council Meeting in July only an Executive Meeting on July 6th at 7:45PM when we will make our monthly share the wealth draw.

Your Grand Knight

John J. Price

Sick and Shut-ins

Our prayers are requested for the following Knights who are either sick or shut in:

Brothers Gary Birmingham, Clarence White, Father Richard Tremblay, Dan Eybergen, Harry Thomas, Eugene Hagen, Ernie Walsh, Al Grant, Marco Eusebi, Adrian Theijsmeijer, James Shular, and Dave Murtha, G.K. Listowel Council.

Also for Theresa Kelly, Debbie Mahood, Fran Culliton, Shirley Reeve, Anne Ryan-Murphy, Henrika Van Beek, Ethyl Klea, Abigail Gregory-Mooney, and Janet Silvain.

State Charity Tickets

Our sale of State Charity tickets is over. 181.4 books were sold out of the 240 we were allotted. That compares to last year’s sales of 139 books. 96 members sold tickets this year. Harry Visser again topped the sellers at 4.5 books. Thanks to everyone who bought or sold tickets. There are 1000 prizes including a Ford Mustang, $250,000 cash and 990 smaller prizes. Stay near a phone on July 16.

Bingo Schedule

June 17 Team 2

June 24 Team 3

July 1** Team 4

July 8 Team 1

July 15 Team 2

July 22 Team 3

July 29 Team 4

August 5 Team 1

August 12 Team 2

August 19 Team 3

August 26 Team 4

September 2 Team 1

** Note that on July 1, Canada Day, there IS Bingo **

Executive 2015-16


Front: Fred Dubrick (Chancellor), Mike Lobsinger (Lecturer)

John Price (Grand Knight), Ken Gaffney (Deputy Grand Knight)

John Walsh (Treasurer)

Back: Mike Mooney (Warden), Kirk Gregory (Recorder), Joe Lorentz (Advocate), Jim Miron (1 yr. Trustee), Dave

Wilby (3 yr. Trustee), Tony Vigar (Financial Secretary), Franz

Ebner (Outside Guard)

Absent: Fr. Bester (Chaplain), Shawn Raiman (Inside Guard), Frank Flood (2 yr. Trustee)

Relay for Life

Thank you to brother Knights who came out to BBQ for the participants in this year’s relay to support cancer research. In less than 2 hours we served over 900 English muffins with bacon, eggs and cheese. The food was outstanding and appreciated: Harry Visser, Ken Gaffney, Gerry Mezenberg, Shawn Raiman, Joe Lorentz, Bob Skinner, Lorne Twamley, Fred Dubrick, Larry McCabe, Martin Ritsma and John Price

BBQ 2015

This year’s Council BBQ was the best in recent memory with a record $1,426 profit. Thank you to everyone who pitched-in – preparation of food, set-up, and ticket sellers, clean up – everyone

New Member

Please welcome Alan Grapes to our Council. Alan joined the Knights 1965 in Hagersville, later moved to Galt and in the mid 1970’s took a leave from the Order. No doubt he got wind of Kilroy Council and its great opportunities to get involved in things like Relay for Life, Meals on Wheels, State Charity ticket sales, Rose Sunday, BBQs, Memorial Services, Share the Wealth for the Stratford General Hospital, Knight’s Inc., Bingo, Lenten Services, Basketball Free Throw, Euchre parties, Breakfast at Immacs, up-keep of St. Anthony’s church, AND matching wits with the likes of Harry Visser… what more can be said? Welcome Alan!!

Coming Events

Sunday June 14, Walk-a-Thon for St. Joseph’s Church restoration 3:00 p.m.

Thursday June 18, Knight’s Community Meal, St. Joseph’s Hall 5:00 p.m.

Sunday June 28, 1:00 – 3:00 p.m. reception for Fr. David Butler, St. Joseph’s Hall

Wednesday July 1, Canada Day and Team 4 has bingo !!!

Sunday July 5 Parish cluster swim at the Lion’s Pool (4:00 – 5:00 p.m.) followed by a BBQ at St. Joseph’s Hall

Monday July 6, Knights Inc 7:00 p.m. Knights Executive 7:45 p.m.

July 27-31 Bible Camp; BBQ on Friday July 31, Immaculate Conception

Tuesday August 4, Council meeting 7:30 p.m.

Monday August 10, Knights Inc. 7:00 p.m; Knights Exec. meeting 7:45p.m.