In Memoriam


Please remember in your prayers the repose of the souls of Brother Franz Eberner, Evelyn Lobsinger, mother of Brother Mike Lobsinger, Mary Whaling, spouse of deceased Brother Eugene Whaling and Marjorie Walsh, spouse of deceased Brother Ernie Walsh and for their families.

Sick and Shut-ins

Our prayers are requested for the following Knights who are either sick or shut in:

Brothers Gary Birmingham, Father Richard Tremblay, Harry Thomas, Eugene Hagen, Al Grant, Marco Eusebi, Ron Bourque, Frank Flood, Dave Franks and Michael Gomes.

Also for Theresa Kelly, Debbie Mahood, Shirley Reeve, Anne Ryan-Murphy, Abigail Gregory-Mooney, Betty Dubrick, Lorraine Minten, and Mary Lou Palleschi.

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