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Repeat Champion



You will recognize the face. His name is Gustin Soriano. Last year we celebrated his winning the Regional and Provincial Free Throw Basketball Championship.

He has done it again. Gustin captured the boys 11 year old Regional Free Throw Championship at the competition in London on March 4. Well done Gustin.



The Stratford General Hospital has long been the primary recipient of donations from our Council. In 2006 our Council pledged $50,000 to purchase equipment at the hospital. In 2009, in honour of our Council’s 100 Anniversary we increased the pledge to our hospital to $100,000. In recognition of our pledge, the Maternity-Child Visitors Lounge and Quiet Room at the hospital was named after our Council. We are now happy to report that with the recent installment made last month our pledge of $100,000 has been reached.

Congratulations Council 1431