Faithful Navigators Message

Sir Knights & Ladies:

The Lenten Season is fast approaching. Christ suffered for our sins, died & rose again.

Let us use this time during lent to reflect, pray, fast & help those less fortunate as we prepare ourselves for Easter. Our parish cluster provides us with additional service gatherings to help us. Let’s take advantage.

Our Lottery Eligibility submission has been approved. We now have to apply for a Lottery Licence, required to work at Bingo’s, funds from which are used for approved charities.

We can see that spring is coming, days are getting longer.

SK Dave Franks has booked Sunday April 02, 2017 for our Communion Breakfast at the Queens Inn.

At our next meeting we will be filling the position of Outer Sentinel.

Any Sir Knight that has not completed their Members Memorial Charity Donation Form, please do so. If you need a form contact John Price.

Let us pray for and contact Sir Knights & family members that are having health issues at this time.

Fraternally Yours

Jack Palleschi

Faithful Navigator

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