Message from your Chaplain

Dear Brother Knights,

With Labour Day celebrated, the shorter days and longer nights and  all the groups are meeting again, we know that fall has arrived.  With fall, of course, the Knights regroup again.

With a new beginning, we ask the Lord to bless us and our work as we begin a new year.  Keep us mindful that all our works are done for you.  Let your Holy Spirit give us light  and lead all of us to you Guide us in all that we do and help us build up your kingdom.  We ask that you send us new members who are looking for fraternity and a spirituality consistent with that of the Knights of Columbus.

I want to thank all those Knights who helped with cleaning the Church at St. Anthony‚Äôs and all those who helped with arranging the reception that took place on the grounds after the mass.  It was a lovely celebration made possible through your good works and generosity.  Thank you.

While it is a little early, thanksgiving is just around the corner.  May you and your families have a blessed Thanksgiving.  May the Lord bless our year.

Your Chaplain

Fr. Dick Bester

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