Message from your Chaplain


Dear Brother Knights,

By the time you read this, we should be in the Easter Season. The Lord Jesus redeemed the human race and gave perfect glory to the Father. By dying, Christ destroyed our death; by rising, he restored our life. Those simple words are a profound mystery that we can only enter into over a life time. The Resurrection has changed everything. It is rooted in Christ, and something that we will experience at the end of time. But to be experienced, the resurrection has to be real in the present.

Every time we celebrate mass, we celebrate the death and resurrection of Christ. In our lives, we experience the same cycle. Not just once but many times.

I believe we all experience crosses in our lives, but there is also the resurrection to those crosses as we move through difficult situations and make adjustments to them. There is death and resurrection

I want to thank you Brother Knights for all that you do in our faith community. I thank you for leading the Stations of the cross through the Lenten season, and for all that you do for the wider community. May you and your families enjoy not just Easter Sunday, but also the fact that the Lord is risen.

Happy Easter to you and your families. Alleluia! He is risen.

Your Chaplain,

Fr. Dick Bester

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