Honour Guards

I received the following update from our District Master:

I have been approached a number of times these past few months with reference to 4th degree Colour Corps and Honour Guards.

Just for your information with respect to eligibility for the 4th degree Colour Corps and an Honour Guards at wakes or funerals, here are the current guidelines, as specified by our Vice Supreme Master:

An Honour Guard may be requested to attend and serve at the funeral of any K of C member regardless of his degree in the Order. If the request is made for a deceased immediate family member of a Knight in good standing, an Honour Guard can be authorized by the Faithful Navigator or District Master. For immediate family member which encompasses: wife, children, parents, aunt, uncle, grandchildren, son-in-law, daughter-in-law.

When a brother knight passes and cremation is the form of service, an Honour Guard may be present. We are there to honour our deceased brother with or without the presence of a physical body.

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