Changes to the Euchre

We will be changing how people move from one table to the next after each hand, to reduce confusion.

There is no more head table (although you can still use the bell to signal the change-up).

When people pay at the door, they can be issued either a White score card or a Blue score card. The colour of the card indicates how they will move around. So couples could get the same colour if they want to play together all night, or different colours if they want to mix it up.

Be sure before they start that there are two blue and two white cards at each table.

At the end of each hand, those with white cards move clockwise, those with blue cards move counter-clockwise (or whichever direction the host chooses). This will help eliminate playing against the same person several times.

We’ll try this out at the December 18th Euchre and see how it goes.

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