Faithful Navigator’s Message


After a busy month of May, we look forward to a nice relaxing summer.

This month’s bulletin is a long one, but there’s one big issue that I want everyone to give some thought to. It seems that our “Phone Captains” system needs to be updated. Attendance to recent events has been low so we want to make sure that everyone is in fact being notified of upcoming events in a timely manner. To that end our phone captains and myself are looking at the lists and trying to find out where people are going missing. If you have not heard from your phone captain in a while, please let me know. If you prefer to be notified by email, then send me your email address.

My own email address is My Stratford phone number is 226-786-0151. If you can’t get me on the Stratford number then my cell number is 226-789-1899.


SK Jeff Smith

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