Grand Knight’s Message

Dear Brother Knights

My time as Grand Knight is coming to an end. The two years have been both a learning and a rewarding experience for me. I learned that as the person in charge, ‘the buck stops here’ and at the same time I learned the value of having dedicated and dependable people around to help. Thank you to the executive members for your help and advice and as well as to many other brother Knights who step up and make this a very good Council.

I send a special thank you to my wife Pat for her support these past two years. I believe I speak for many other Knights as well when I say that spouses play an important role in making our Council successful.

New members are looking for an opportunity to participate in Council activities. Invite them to take part when you are planning an event. The availability of members to be involved changes over time. Family and job responsibilities and our health change. Let’s not forget members who have been with Council for many years and may just need an invitation to get involved once again.

There are few changes in the executive positions for the next year. This experienced group will do great work in support of newly elected Grand Knight, John Price. Best wishes to everyone in 2015-16.Enjoy the summer.

Dave Wilby

Grand Knight

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