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Walk-a- Thon: Joe Lorentz, Ken Gaffney, Tony Vigar, Dave Franks, John Saman, Harry Visser, John Walsh, Fred Dubrick, Mike Mooney, John Price, Mike Lobsinger, Shawn Raiman, Franz Ebner, Dave Wilby.

Bible Camp BBQ: Phil Psutka, Dave Franks, Franz Ebner, Ken Gaffney, John Price

Parish Picnic & BBQ: Harry Visser, Phil Psutka, Franz Ebner, Dave Franks, Ken Gaffney, Bernie Van Herk, Mike Mooney, Frank Nyenhuis, Dave Wilby, Jack Palleschi, John Walsh, Don Van Raay, John Price, Larry McCabe, Jim Kelly, Alan Grapes

Community Kitchen: Fred Dubrick, Dave Franks, Ken Gaffney, Tom Gould, Alan Grapes, Joe Lorentz, Larry McCabe, Jim Miron, Shawn Raiman, Lorne Twamley, Bernie Van Herk, Tony Vigar, Jim Kelly

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