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Hello. I'm Andrey Osokin.

This is my personal portfolio. Here you can get information about who I am and what I like to do in my life.
All my works on the field of programming and design of video games are published here.
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Learn about what I do

Here is the stuff I like to do.

Full list of my interests and things I like to do in my life.

Video Game

Was always an interesting and exciting process for me! I started to think about it a long time ago, from the moment when I have run my first game. Every time, during some gameplay, I thought about adding something new something what was missing in the game (story, items, characters, mechanics and so on from mine vision). When the list of all those things, became really big, I realized that to create my own game would be easier. In my game, I can implement everything I want, avoid all that seems boring for me or unneeded and bring to the player my own and unique idea of gameplay. Truly speaking, sometimes, some ideas come to me when I'm sleeping, but it's always hard to call to mind each detail from the beginning until the end after I woke up.

Video Game Development

The programming of games is a very serious and time-consuming process, but on reaching the goal, a sense of complete satisfaction and pride is ensured. This is the main goal I always trying to reach! Solving problems and overcoming some difficulties in creating algorithms and logical conclusions, each time a small victory for me! Personally, for myself, I found great pleasure in the process of learning programming languages ​​and using knowledge to get full control over the actions of the computer. The process of managing graphics and multimedia objects, their appearance on the display in the right place and under certain conditions, movement and collision with each other - fills me with a sense of great delight and happiness. Thanks to the programming of games, the feeling of "the creator of life" in the programming environment do not leave me for a second.

3D Modeling And Texturing

During studying at school I was introduced to 3D modeling for video games. When I first started Modeling my early frustrations were that I could not create the things the way I saw them in my head or other models on the picture. It wasn't an easy process, to stay calm and work on the 3d model and make it look like ideal. But always I tend to make things perfect even if it is a required big amount of my own time. This has always been how I handled things. Now, I can definitely say that I found one more thing I love to do in my life.

Here’s some stuff I made recently.

List of projects, I was working with recently, by myself or in a group.

Planets Puzzle - Comming Soon!!!

"Planets Puzzle" - Comming Soon!

'Doctor vs Virus' - Personal Project  (C# / Unity2D)

"Doctor vs Virus"
Personal Project
(C# / Unity2D)

The game that requires thinking and tactical placement of tiles in order to survive longer. Match tiles, cure viruses and uses bonuses to advance your position and show your friends who is the true doctor of the group. But be careful, one wrong move and you will spiral out of control into a world filled with viruses.

* Match 3 or more potions side by side in order to pop them.
* Collect potions by popping tiles.
* Use potions to cure viruses or to place a tile of that color on the board.
* Use research points to skip figures.
* Use special bonuses to improve your chances.

Google Play
Apple Store

"Bubbles & Numbers"
Personal Project
(C# / Unity2D)

A unique strategy game rewarding smart moves, math and planning ahead.
Popping bubbles have never been so hard, picking the right time to pop bubbles will increase your chance of survival before the board fills up. Plan out your moves and equip power-ups at the perfect time to give yourself the maximum amount of points and the highest score.
Compare your progress to your best score from any game you played, and challenge your friends to see who can do better.

No in-app purchases.
Free of ads.
Enjoy the game.

Download Game
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"Air Strike"
Personal Project
(Java/Android Studio)

Air Strike - simple arcade game was written on Java in Android Studio. In this game player has control over cartoon plane, which has a simulation of gravity. Player has to keep plane in the air, avoid collisions with enemie's rockets and enemie's planes, which moving towards the player, or before it gets the bottom part of the screen, by taping on the screen. HUD also includes two buttons for machine gun fire and rocket fire. Each time then player destroy enemie's plane, player gets random chance to get loot as the parashute-box, which has own emitaion of gravity. Player has to fly thru this in case to get loot. Player has only three tries, to get best score in the game.

Implementation of the object-oriented programing in Android Studio environment. The pool of game objects by control over them in arrays. Realization 2D sprites animation, sound pool, imitation of gravity. Design of HUD.

Download Build

"Tap Shot"
Group Project

The main role in this project was developing the level design. Has been implemented the random generation of tiles at the main level and applying sounds in Phaser Engine 3.

'Crime Town' - My Game Design Document 'Crime Town' - My Game Design Document 'Crime Town' - My Game Design Document 'Crime Town' - My Game Design Document

"Crime Town"
My Game Design Document

This is my GDD that describes the idea of my own video game. This document includes a detailed game outline.
- The gameplay tie into the story;
- The challenges players encounter and the methods by which they can overcome them;
- The victory condition for players;
- Character's backstory. concept art, controls;
- Game world and environments;
- The game mechanics, main hazards(bosses), power-ups;
For more detailes, you can go on my blog, the link is below...

Read more on Blog

"Planets Puzzle"
Personal project
(Unreal Engine 4.21)

The Planets Puzzle - a simple game with simple rules. Solve the puzzle, get the line of three or more planets with the same type and get the highest score in the list of leaders. But be aware, that you have the time limit, which is increased each time you level up... Good luck!

The main target was creating the game for mobile platforms Android. Implementation and control over arrays of game objects and control over them in based on the player's touch input. Development and design of the levels.

Watch on Youtube  

My not a digital board game

Creation and design my not a digital board game

The goal in the game is to get under control main cities (capitals) of all players (short game), or all cities (long game). If you lose your main city or all your cities - for you, the game is over, and all your money goes to the player who did it and all your armies have to be removed from the game map. The game required a minimum two and maximum 8 players. Players can make alliances and call Wolrd Events that make effects on gameplay and game result.

"Cartoony Battle Tank"
Practice with modeling
(Autodesk Maya)

I keep modeling with Maya. This time I have decided to create something individual for my future game...

"Mario 3D"
My practice with modeling
(Autodesk Maya)

This time I had decided to create the model of famous character Mario. The character has animated by Mixamo.

"The Contact"
Personal 3D Project

The Contact - my first try to create maximum functionality (that can exist in any game of the same genre) for an RPG game in two weeks.

The main goal was creating a functional character's inventory system. Implementation of objects pooling and control over them in the game. Implementation of particle effects in the level design and other game objects (explosions, bullets, rockets), mini-map, game cursor, and HUD.

Personal 3D Project

I continue to practice with Unity 3D.
In this project, I decided to add a little bit of design of the game level with the help of modifications of the 3D object - "Terrain".

I keep practicing with adding and modify the particle effects.
Working out the skills of using the components of the game engine as well as modify their parameters and arguments over gameplay.
Practicing with object-oriented programming.

Personal 2D project

3035 year AD. After full space exploration, humans increasingly send various long-distance expeditions to study and search for new planets and orbits. In the result of one of these expedition, an unknown “Planet X” was discovered, the surface of which spewed out a kind of resource unknown to mankind. Externally, he looked like a metal scrap, but a test scan from the main ship showed that an unknown resource has unique properties - lightness and durability. It was decided to stay in the zone of “Planet X”, collect the required amount of the resource and deliver the samples for detailed testing. The only problem is that the orbit of “Planet X” is patrolled by ships of an unknown civilization, but the mission must be accomplished until the end, even if you have to open fire! Good luck Commander!

"Ninja Runner"
Personal 2D project

Apocalipsis day has come!
Only the strongest and fastest can survive in this chaos.

Take a control over small ninja to challenge the infinitely generates and changing game world. As well as all randomly occurring dangers on its way. Stay survive as long as you can! Set your personal best in the ever-changing pace of the game world.
Good luck, my hero!!!

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Racer / Personal 3D Project / (Unity3D) Racer / Personal 3D Project / (Unity3D) Racer / Personal 3D Project / (Unity3D) Racer / Personal 3D Project / (Unity3D) Racer / Personal 3D Project / (Unity3D) Racer / Personal 3D Project / (Unity3D) Racer / Personal 3D Project / (Unity3D) Racer / Personal 3D Project / (Unity3D) Racer / Personal 3D Project / (Unity3D) Racer / Personal 3D Project / (Unity3D) Racer / Personal 3D Project / (Unity3D) Racer / Personal 3D Project / (Unity3D) Racer / Personal 3D Project / (Unity3D) Racer / Personal 3D Project / (Unity3D) Racer / Personal 3D Project / (Unity3D) Racer / Personal 3D Project / (Unity3D)

Personal 3D Project

Welcome to the car simulator - Racer. Take for the ride the famous Chevrolet Camaro and take part in one of the races for short distances, on one of the most beautiful race tracks on the virtual peninsula in the equator.

Rules are pretty simple - try to be the first one!

Implementation of a maximum of realistic car braking, sliding, accelerating, steering, and others by applying of Unity wheel collider. Has been added waypoints element for showing and tracking player and AI progress. Also, have been added states of the gameplay as the main menu, pause menu, win/lose. Creating of level's design and HUD.

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A.S.H / Game Group Project / (Unreal Engine 4.20) A.S.H / Game Group Project / (Unreal Engine 4.20) A.S.H / Game Group Project / (Unreal Engine 4.20) A.S.H / Game Group Project / (Unreal Engine 4.20) A.S.H / Game Group Project / (Unreal Engine 4.20) A.S.H / Game Group Project / (Unreal Engine 4.20)

Group Project
(Unreal Engine 4.20)

In this project, I have been responsible for creating the player controller, which has two phases: the top-down and first-person. Camera animations while switching between those phases.
Conditions for the winning and losing and all cameras animations in those.

For make corridors on the spaceship, I have created a system for build doors and walls in each room, by the way of replacing them, if the room connected with another, including all necessary collisions and animations.

Also, I built scrip for spawn enemies in the game. Four types of enemies could spawn in all rooms randomly up to 10th wave. Every each wave increasing the quantity for each type of enemies.

Download Build

"Farmer VS Zombies"
Personal project
(Unreal Engine 4.19)

This game also about zombies, but there is no story, just get fun. Peasant protects the farm and tries to stop the undead invasion. Take control over player and don't let zombies destroy everything...

Implementation of object-oriented programming in the Unreal environment. Testing behavior tree AI for improvement of its decisions during gameplay. Also, implemented a different type of main character control and top-down gameplay view (RTS). Implemented the saving and loading checkpoints and user's progress.

Watch on Youtube  Download Build

"The Critical Point"
Personal Project
(Unreal Engine 4.19)

The Critical Point it's my second project in Unreal Engine. The game fully implemented on Blueprints. Shortly about the game: A truck carrying nuclear bio mass tipped over on the highway near a village X. The bio mass is highly contagious without a proper anti vaccine. Your mission as a swat commander trained in the depths of fear itself is to exterminate the spread of the disease.

The main idea is to realize of realistic and scary atmosphere during gameplay by implementing and control over lighting and sounds as well as the level design in Unreal. Have been created and used particle effects, such as bleeding and poison. Control over animation of the main character by using animation blueprints and blend spaces. Control over child objects that have been detached or attached to a skeletal mesh during the gameplay. Designing the user interface.

Watch on Youtube  Read more on Blog Download Build

Street Of Rage
Personal project
(Unreal Engine 4.19)

The recreating of the famous game (Street of Rage). Implemented the 2d sprite animations and control over it in Unreal. In the game has been realized four different types of enemies with different types of specifications. Have been added a couple of new mechanics which wasn't included in the original version. Also, implemented the saving and loading data between levels.

Watch on Youtube  Read more on Blog Download Build


"3D Billiard"
Personal project

The main goal of this project is to the creation of maximum realistic objects movements. Have been added components of the game objects (RigidBody): tracking collisions, applying physics materials, implementing velocity, gravity, and mass of these objects. Development of the level design. In the current moment, the game has very simple rules. More improvements are coming soon...

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Pokemon Blue / Group project / (SDL, C++)

"Pokemon Blue"
Group project
(SDL, C++)

Group project. Based on famous game Pokemon Blue. Implemented on C++. I was working with code for creating Levels, Maps, AABB Collisions, AudioManager and AudioChecker.

Vial of Life / Personal project / (C++)

"Vial of Life"
Personal project

My first small text RPG game "Vial of Life", implemented in C++. Player has to solve one quest - find artefact "The Vial" and bring it to the Nicholas (NPC) to win the game. The game has, big map, random battles, hidden enemies.

Super Mario Bros 3 / Group project / (Phaser, JavaScript)

"Super Mario Bros 3"
Group project
(Phaser, JavaScript)

Group project. First level of famous game Super Mario Bros 3. I have used Phaser with JavaScript and HTML. Player can explore whole level, collide with environment which filled up with items and enemies.

Asteroids Avoidance / School Project / (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)

"Asteroids Avoidance"
School Project
(HTML, CSS, JavaScript)

My practics with Canvas, HTML, CSS, JavaScript. In this simple game, player can control the spacecraft and has to avoid collision with asteroids as long as possible. Game ends when spaceship hits asteroid.

Have me make stuff for you.

Ask your question or make a contact with. I'm looking forward our conversation! Thank you!

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