Crime Town

“Crime Town” My Game Design Document

Crime Town

Game Outline

2.1 What are the challenges players encounter and the methods by which they can overcome them?

moneyOne from the bunch of challenges in the game is getting resources!

Cash (game money) can be used for making purchases in the game – weapons, armor or make improvements in the game as construction. Also for pay upkeep for troops every day.

Another resource in the game is criminal power. The player can use this resource for hiring new recruits (mobsters). Player also need to collect it for getting level which required for start attack next level areas (enemy’s base for example).

powerFor solving these problems player needs to capture new zones (areas) in the game as fast as he can. Hire all required units and start to collect resources as a landowner. Making some improvements help the player to get the maximum from the zone (area).

Next, the most important challenge in the game is hiring and having all kind of units to stay playable in the game. In the game, the player can be able to have 4 kinds of units(mobsters).

For solving this problem player needs to have at least one zone (area) under control and the required amount of resource (criminal power).


Zone (areas) capture also takes an important place in the challenges list. Having more improved zones gives the player a chance to collect more money or criminal power.  

mapFor solve this, the player needs to do a simple thing. Start to send his/her troops to seize the new area. After winning the battle, zone (area) goes under player’s control and takes his/her team color.

Speaking about battles, we can highlight one more challenge – how to get a full victory? The player can solve this in two ways. One – kill all enemies on a battle map. Second – to get control of all control points. To make the process of attack enemy zone (area) easier, the player can use a special type of available units in the game – Spy.  The spy could be useful too in case of enemy attack.

2.2 How does the progression/reward system work?

Each unit in the game, which could be under control player, has a progress system. Each unit has an experience level (up to 10 levels). On each level-up, the system gives for player available points which he/she can use for improve unit skills. There are two types of skills – personal skills and battle skills. Improve all these skills, the player will get a chance to have faster more powerful units in the game and use much more tactics to bit the game.

Getting new zones (areas) under control will give the player a chance to have more resources. The player can improve his/her empire to buy more goods in the game.

System of random events also will help the player to get more important resources in the game by beating and winning enemy in the event. In case of a win, the player will get more valuable resources.

System of challenges for the player will increase in proportion to his. AI will grow as fast as difficulty level determines it.

2.3 How does the gameplay tie into the story?

The time of the invented events in the game describes the period of gangsters of the 40-60s.

The game starts from a simple scene – the process of a deal between two criminal groups on the backyard of the property. During this deal, both groups have been attacked and killed by the third one. The building was destroyed, money and trading objects have been stolen.

The idea of this scene to show for the player, what is this game about and what is going on in the game process.

After that, there is no specific story in the game. The individual game story is the consistency of player’s decisions in the system of random events. As well as information (pop-up windows) with describing negative or positive results for the player, according to his/her progress in the game.

2.4 What is the victory condition for players?

Victory condition in the game, the player has to become a criminal authority in town and get 90% of infrastructure zones (areas) on map. Another way to win the game is to kill all enemies (leaders of other criminal families in town). Quantity of them will depend on difficulty settings that player set up.

Victory condition for the player in battles could have a few ways. Each one depends on the type of battle that the player has been involved. Battle for the zone (area) has two possible conditions for the win: get under control all control points on the map (buildings), or kill all enemy units. Other types of battles can have other conditions for the win, which depend on event instruction.


3.1 Character’s backstory.

In fact, of having a bunch of available units for hire, the game doesn’t be able to tell a big and detailed story about each one individually.

Because of this, game has just general things about each character such as name of character and his nickname (snake, pistol, butcher and so on), age, personal and battle skills, little history about – what happened in character’s life and what kind of life events affected on his/her decision, before he/she decided to become part of criminal life. How is life during the current period?   

Player also be able to change all story about any character and create his/her own story, based on his/her vision.

Example for character story:


3.2 Concept of Art.

All models for characters will have 3D models as gangsters from “30-60’s”. All these models, the player can customize and name as he/she wants.

Elements of appearance, such as clothing, can be changed too.


3.3 Character controls.

Whole battle on the map it is just of a sequence of moves for the player and his opponent (enemy).

The player is able to control his/her characters on the battle map by moving them around the grid by mouse.

Player clicking on character, makes it highlight and active for action.

List of action will be present as small icons at the bottom of the screen. Each action also has a definite hotkey.

After made character active, the player can relocate it by click on any available point on the map or just activate action by mouse or hotkey.

How far can character run determined by its speed?

The player is able to do two actions for each, during his/her turn.

The sequence and amount of actions for the character depend on his level, mastery, and abilities.


4.1 How is the game divided?

All gameplay divided by rounds which happen in the game constantly.

Events also provide additional reasons for new combat rounds, which increases the number of actions taken by the player.

In general, the system of constant rounds in the game is the chain between the beginning and the end in the game.

Game World.

5.1 List environments.

All locations, which make up all gameplay environment on UI screen listed below.

map_UIInteractive map – the location where the player goes for creating a process in the current game. The place shows borders of areas, which under control of enemy groups or belongs nobody. Where are the enemy’s main base and troops are located or where are player’s zones and base.  The player makes all moving and controls his/her actions in the game on this map as well as construction and improvements of areas. All battles also can be started on this map.



market_UIBlack market – the location where the player goes in case of purchase, sell or exchange: ammunition, weapons, armor healing objects, etc.

Valuable things that a player can earn for winning an event can also be sold here.



cash_UICash or money – the location where the player goes in case of checking his/her financial situation.

All incomes and expenses are detailed here.



power_UICriminal power – the location where the player goes in case of checking his/her level of criminal authority.

All require levels will be listed here as well.



base_UIMain base – the location where the player goes in case of improving base by making constructions.

This place will load a 3D map with the player’s base and with a top-down perspective.



negotiations_UIDiplomacy – the location where the player goes in case of making an act of diplomacy with the opponent.

The game has a diplomacy system. Declare war, make temporary peace with the unnecessary enemy or make a trade with the enemy.



family_UIFamily – the location where the player goes in case of checking list of characters, customize them, or buying a new one.

All the characters that were lost in the battle will be listed here as well.



storage_UIStorage – the location where the player goes in case of checking the repository with all the available items, after collecting in battles or buying on market.

Also in order to control the inventory of each character individually.



Events – it is not a location. It’s a system which takes place during gameplay as pop-up windows.

Sometimes, the player will be notified about some event that will happen in town. Player needs to make a decision to become a part of this event or just refuse it. The player will be reward by cash, criminal power or extra equipment in case of success. Some events could make unpredictable result – war with another group for example.

Battle/Battle map – place, where implement 3D battle, with a top-down perspective.

The place where the whole process of collision of two groups occurs.

date_UITime is not a location. It is an element of UI.

Allows the player to control the game time.



5.2 Music used in the game world.

Music in the game should convey the mood in the period 40-60-is, as it prescribes the game beginning, but with the use of musical instruments of our time.

Some melodies can be played back in a hard rock tonality.

Perhaps, it is necessary to have a license agreement that allows to use and modify old music tracks.

5.3 Present some images and descriptions of the game world.

Example for User Interface:

User Interface

This is where the player will spend the most time in the game and make management for his/her criminal empire. User Interface has a background picture, which is able to change and present visual information about each location (menu) where a player decided to go. UI also will show player game time with switch speed options to make the process in the game twice faster (as you can see in the top-left corner).

Besides all this, the bottom right corner is where the game menu is located. This menu has a list of options for the player as save game, load game, game options, and exit to the main menu.

New events pop-up on the screen as a small window with a message. If the player refuses it, the bottom line on UI works as a reminder until the due date.

UI_mapExample for Interactive Map

The interactive map is a very important instrument in gameplay. Other words it is an instrument for making gameplay. On this map, the player can get all the information about current progress in the game. The player can know where are located player zones as well as where is located the enemy’s territory. Full information about each zone (area) such as cash income, criminal power, all improvements and list of defenders of this zone. All battles can be started thru this map. For attack new zone, the player needs to click on that zone and to agree with the action.

In case of clicking on the enemy’s zone, the player can get only short information about it, such as the name of the zone and name of the criminal family who controls this zone. If the player wants to get more information about it, he/she needs to send a special unit into this zone (Spy). Using Spy will tell player all information about defenders, as quantity, type units, and type weapons.

Zones, which belongs nobody can be taken without a battle. It is not a good idea to increase your territories without having the necessary quantity of defenders (characters). Risk of losing the game is increased.

Game Experience.

6.1 What do players first see when they start the game?

When players first-time start game they see game customization screen. They have to determine two options – difficulty level, name of the company.

Then they see intro (movie), which describes the general idea of gameplay.

Video serves as the foundation for the development of players own story.

6.2 What emotions/moods are meant to be invoked by your game?

The general idea is to make the player be excited about the battle system and all the environment around.

To make the player feels as tactician! Who can stay alive during the epic battle process until victory and be proud of himself/herself.

Make him/her feel fear when running out of ammunition! Make him/her start to think because each shot must be with maximum useful.

Also make him/her feel adrenaline and fear before/after losing progress in the game, or favorite character in battle. To Invoke feelings of maximum interest in the consistency of events and make him/her interests to involve in it.

6.3 How are music and sound used to convey your game’s feel?

Music should fully emphasize the events in the game and inspire the player to enhance the emotional effect.

In the battle, the musical accompaniment fully corresponds to the state of affairs for the player. For example, music should reinforce feelings of anxiety and fear in the event of a player approaching defeat in battle. Or take a calm tone in case the player’s victory.

6.4 How do players navigate the shell of the game? Include a flowchart diagram.

Example player does navigate thru shells of the game:


Gameplay Mechanics.

7.1 Mechanics

After the player started the game, game time starts moving forward. Then, the player builds own gameplay by making own decisions.

The player interacts with UI, control all steps in game thru it. Gameplay determines by player’s steps and decisions.

Next list shows basic of mechanics in the game.

Time – Presents in the game as a consistent process of time flow, only faster than in real life (1 hour in game = 60 seconds in real life). The player clicks on time element in game to control it. To make it faster (2 speeds) or put it on pause.

Cash – Player clicks on this location and sees all the information about finances. It shows total income. List earning and spending. Has a “BACK” button in the left-bottom corner.

The picture on the background changes to another one, which corresponds to the type of this location.

Power – Player clicks on this location and sees how many points of criminal power he/she has, as well as how many needs to be collected for getting active other possible game mechanics (attack enemy base). Also list of previous purchases.  

The picture on the background changes to another one, which corresponds to the type of this location.

Has a “BACK” button in the left-bottom corner.

Family – Player clicks on this menu and sees a list of all characters his/her owns.

There are two types of menus, besides each other. “My Family” and “Hire”

The player can click on the name of the character in the menu “My Family”. He/she can take a look at each one and make some individual customization.

By clicking on the menu “Hire” – the player will get list about characters, which can be hired.

There are four types of units (each type has price), which player can hire and use to reach the goal in the game. Gunman, Makler, Gangster, Spy (from cheapest to more expensive). Each character has own price, depends on level and experience.

Gunman – can be used for attack and protect territories.

Makler – hold him on a new territory to collect cash from this area (also can be used in battle)

Gangster – hold him on a new territory to collect criminal power from this area (also can be used in battle)

Spy – send him to enemy zone, to get more information about it. (It helps to see how big enemy group in case of attack and make some preparation. Also can be used in battle).

The picture on the background changes to another one, which corresponds to the type of this location.

Has a “BACK” button in the left-bottom corner.

Storage – Player clicks on this location and sees here full inventory on base and list of characters. Inventory for each character shows up by click on it. The player makes full control on all entities in here (weapons, armors, med kits, ammunition, and valuable resources) by clicking on them and dragging them in any character’s inventory or out of it.

The picture on the background changes to another one, which corresponds to the type of this location.

Has a “BACK” button in the left-bottom corner.

Base – Player clicks on this location and sees base on the screen (3d map) as well as a list of available improvements. Player able to build improvements which will help in case the enemy’s invasion (barricades, towers, walls traps with explosions). Each one has a price.

Map – Very important location in the game. The player makes all actions on this map, by clicking on zones (own zones for customizing, enemy’s zones in case of attack). Distributes all available units between zones that belong to him/her, according to a game situation. He/she makes decisions about the attack and getting control in new zones.

He/she can see where the next event is going to happen and make some preparation. Accept or refuse an event or battle. Negotiations mechanics also can be run thru this map by clicking on the enemy zone. The player can call 3d map for the main base by clicking on the zone, which indicated by that icon.

The player could improve each zone by build buildings (maximum 4). Each improvement increases cash income (necessary to have special unit). If an area has been improved completely it starts to give player criminal power points (necessary to have special unit).

Has a “BACK” button in the left-bottom corner.

Zones Player can get some information about the zone by clicking on it. As well as can build buildings. Mechanics for construct buildings is implemented in the game without loading necessary locations, maps or graphics assets.

Market –  location shows Market’s and Player’s repositories/inventory. The important place in the game where player buying or selling entities by clicking on them or dragging them in base inventory.

Variety of weapons: knives, guns, Tommy-gun, shotguns, rifles, machine guns, grenades, explosives, etc.

Each type of firearm requires own type of ammunition. These also can be purchased here.

Armor/Heal: Bulletproof vest and Medkit will help the player to save characters in battles.

The picture on the background changes to another one, which corresponds to the type of location.

Has a “BACK” button in the left-bottom corner.

Negotiations – the location where implemented mechanics of diplomacy with other fractions (families).

The player clicks on the name of the fraction(family) with he/she wants to start negotiations.

The picture on the background changes to another one, which corresponds to the type of location.

Has a “BACK” button in the left-bottom corner.

Battle map – Place (3d map with top-down perspective) where all conflicts implemented as the turn-based process of player’s and his/her opponents moves. Battle in the game happens if player’s area has been attacked or player has made the decision to capture enemy zone.

Player needs to interact with all objects of environments on the battle map, to make the minimum chance of losing characters, as well as to make a maximum chance for critical shot.

The number of characters the player has corresponds to what was set before the battle. (tip: Quantity of characters and their inventory must be prepared and be ready before two groups collide). After that, there is no chance to make changes in battle. All characters spawn on the map once randomly.

The battle map is loading randomly, with some quantity of improvements (maximum 4 buildings). Numbers of buildings on battle map is depending on, how many buildings were in the zone there two groups have been colliding. Preferably to have all elements of map destroyable. Buildings have two levels – first floor, second floor or roof. Some objects on map passive hazards (cars, gasoline tanks, explosion traps). All firearms could be destroyed by explosions, except knives.  Ammunition is limited! The player can pick up weapons during battle.

The battle can be a win, if one team has control on each building on the current battle map or if all enemies have been killed.

The control point is an important element on the battle map, which located inside each building on the battle map. Control point inside each building can be taken back or be destroyed.  If it happened, the area is losing one building an improvement.

So, for the result, also important to get/save control on all control points in battle. If control on all points is lost battle is over.  All wounded characters will be unable for using, until full healing.

Events – It works in way pop-up windows on the screen of UI. During some time period, event system shows player pop-up window on the main screen. The player reads all the information about the event and makes a decision. In case of agreement, the player automatically will be transferred on Interactive Map where he/she can get more details about location, possible side effects and day/time this event will happen. Also to make a chose which characters will take place in battle. All characters which were picked for battle will not be able for use until event be done.

In case of player’s refuse, event info appears at bottom of the screen as line and works as a reminder until it due date. Event is also a source of valuable resources in the game.

7.2 Hazards

Explosion traps – the biggest hazard for the player in the game on battle map (“Enemy Base”). Strategy – use the spy before, the battle begins.

Explosive objects – such as cars, gas stations, compressed gas cylinders, etc., pose a major hazard for the player.  Strategy – keep a distance.

Destructible objects – such as the second floors and towers. Strategy – to be away at the moment of destruction.

Events – some events can have an unexpected result for the player (unexpected war with an opponent). Strategy – to make the right decision.

7.3 Power-ups

Loot of ammunition on the battle map will be big help player. Every killed enemy can be checked in the purpose of the loot of ammunition, weapons, armor, med kit.

Valuable resources, which determined by event, also will be a big reward for the player. The player can get a good portion of game resources and entities by buying them on the market.


8.1 Boss characters.

All bosses in the game implemented as leaders of other criminal families. The quantity of them depends on what difficulty level and personal settings were set up by player (how many factions were added in gameplay).

Visually, they can be distinguished by a more saturated color model.

Bosses are not endowed with special skills and a fiery number of points of life. The purpose of these characters is to determine the fact of losing the faction to which they belong.

Bosses always located on the main base to which they belong, and have a lot of defenders around.

Without adequate training, they will not be killed so easily.

8.2 How does the player overcome them?

The player can overcome all bosses in the game by using well trained and improved characters as well as tactics that will be available with each new improves for battle skills.

Multiplayer and Bonus Materials

9.1 Achievements

During gameplay, the player is able to get achievements, such as:

“This yeyo is mine” – get valuable resource from the event with “yeyo”.

“Heartless killer” – kill 100 enemies.

“Greedy…” – collect 2000 cash.

“Criminal Boss” – collect 1000 criminal power.

“Godfather” – collect 5000 criminal power.

“Real Mobster” – play and win a multiplayer match.

9.2 Does game offer multiplayer?

The game offers multiplayer. PvP mode. Players choose the map. One player is defender, another attack him. The fact of getting control on the control point ONCE will give player reinforcements.

9.3 How many players?

In multiplayer PvP mode can play two players at once.

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