Jack Riz

another awesome guy from Toronto
Jack Riz

Who is Jack?

I welcome you to my page! My name is Jack Riz. I live in Toronto. I am studying at triOS College for a mobile applications developer. In principle, nothing special. I just enjoying my life.

Why mobile aplication developer?

Programming has been my passion since high school. And when I realized that it was time to change something in my life, I decided to pull up my knowledge and bring it to a professional level.

Why so many different web sites and no code?

I decided to collect part of my work, which I still have and arrange from in one place, so as not to lose. Further, I can develop this site or transfer it to another platform. And of course I’ll add something interesting.

Am I strong in web design?

Not! Absolutely no! That is why I love programming. Design and web development do not appeal to me or interest. sorry. See you later.