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Lisa Jacuniak – Owner, Healthy Food Products Canada

Lisa Before & After

Lisa Before & After

Healthy Food Products Canada Inc. was created from a need to provide low-glycemic and healthy blood-sugar supporting ingredients and supplements to Canada. We realized that there is a growing need and desire for products, education, and resources to aide in this lifestyle choices. Healthy Food Products Canada is here to assist you in your journey toward long-term health and wellness changes by providing you with healthy food products, supplements, and motivational tools.


Why we Choose the THM Lifestyle?

The experience of one failed diet after another, led to a journey that was striving for a balance between health, wellness, and weight loss. Lisa has the experience of being a serial dieter, and has tried everything to achieve this balance. The introduction of Greg’s medical problems brought the situation to the forefront. Greg was suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. We needed to make a change, and fast, to our lifestyle.

We found THM as a solution to Lisa’s weight loss journey, and a drastic improvement in Greg’s health concerns. Now that we are on our path to better health, we want to share the information to others who may be suffering. Give the THM lifestyle a chance, it could change your life. Join us on our journey and together we can achieve “Food Freedom”.


The Products

Trim Healthy Mama
‘Healthy Food Products Canada Inc.’ is a licensed, Canadian reseller with ‘Trim Healthy Mama’ and provides shipping of their line of products throughout Canada. They are also committed to bringing you other products, recipes, testimonies, and information on this life-changing approach to health and Food Freedom.