Hi! My name is Arin Blue.

I am a game developer / designer.
Web Developer / Designer. I have completed the video game design and development
program at triOS College and internship with Liftlock Studios.
I also worked at Torn Banner Studios during my time at triOS.


Playable Games

9 Lives

Unity (2 Person Project)

-Coming Soon!-

Match My Family

HTML & Javascript (Solo Project) PC and Tablets Only, Mobile Soon

-Play Now!-

Zombie Frenzy!

HTML & Javascript (Solo Project) PC Only

-Play Now!-


DirectX and C++

This was our final class project in DirectX. I was responsible for programming the player.
I also created a physics component that was attached to objects in the game to simulate physics and movement.

Android Studio and Java

The first three videos were projects I did by myself with the text book from school.
The forth one called, Flight of the Whirlybird, was our final project that I worked on with two other people.
I was responsible for Player and Missiles mainly.

Visual Studio, C++ and SDL

The first video is the very first thing I ever programmed, it is a text based RPG game with
a map that updates to help create an immersive experience. The second video was our final
project that I worked on with two other people as well. I was responsible for some of the UI and Game Mechanics.

Game Play Mechanics

These videos display some of the different game play mechanics that I have developed. This is what I love to do!

More Comming Soon!!

About Me

I have always loved video games ever since I was a little boy playing Super Mario with my brother. I also have a lot of fun developing and programming video games. I am ambitious and really enjoy learning new things. I have worked more with Unity then anything but I have also done work with Unreal Engine, Python, Android Studio with Java, X Code with Swift, Visual Studio with C++ and C#, including work with SDL, DirectX, and OpenGL.

I have completed my the program at triOS College and graduated with a 4.0 GPA. I was also awarded valedictorian. I have worked very hard in school and I am proud of what i've been able to accomplish in a short period of time. I also know that the more you know, the more you know you don't know. I learned that from my good friend Robert French who I also interned with at Liftlock Studios.

I also worked at Torn Banner Studios as a development tester during my time at triOS. I also did Localization for Mirage: Arcane Warfare. I have learned a lot from my experience with this amazing company. It has been a dream come true to be a part of the development of Mirage: Arcane Warfare.

Contact Me

If you are interested in contacting me you can visit one of the
links below or you're welcome to email me at arin@yorboyblue.com