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About Me

I have been programming and developing games since I was a kid, I have used many different languages including, C/C++, ASM, QBasic, Java, javascript, but I'm most comfortable and skilled with C# and Unity. After many years as a hobbyist I decided to go to college fro game design and development. I graduated top of my class with honours. After college I was hired from my internship, I worked there and helped develop 2 games. After that I became a solo developer, I created several assets for the unity asset store and one game for steam which I self published.

Games I Worked On


Studio Game 1 Screenshot

Trex is a popular card game that we adapted for mobile. It was made in unity for iPhone and android.

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Studio Game 2 Screenshot

A soccer game for mobile it was on iPhone and Android.

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My Games

Space Survival

Space Survival is a rogue-like space shooter. You play as a space miner that is stranded in space after an asteroid collision with the ship. you must survive floating in space by collecting ice shards. I made it in Unity and made most the sprites in Daz3D.

Space Survival on Steam

Vampire Dystopia

Vampire Dystopia was a game I made for a horror game jam. I used a hybrid frame and bone animation and developed a control system that was holistic in the sense that it could be used to control characters of players and NPCs. The control system was a rule engine that utilized fuzzy pattern matching. It can also be run as a finite state machine (FSM) or fuzzy state machine (FuSM) I was inspired from the GDC talk by valve on their bark system and adapted it to C# an unity, it became the basis for my Dynamic Behaviour asset and my Ask/Tell Dynamic Dialog System.

Extraterrestrial Extinction


I started working on a demo for a run n'gun game inspired by Contra. I made this demo all from assets from the unity store. This project was mostly to help me learn how to use 3D assets and animations as well as how to use the bullet asset I'm using. This project contains very little code at all.

Epic Prose

Originally a school project, it was written in C++ in 2 weeks, it was a fairly complete text adventure/RPG about avenging your people by saving a dragon. It took roughly 20 minute to level up enough to kill the dragon completing the game. After college I wanted to expand on it, I rewrote it in C# and changed the input system from typed in to choice selection and added a lot of the features I wanted in the original version but didn't have the time to implement. I also added a new quest/story line with a new enemy and I called it Epic Prose Special Edition or SE. I'm redoing the game yet again to help me in completing a text adventure C# library.

The Adventures of Circules

The Adventures of Circules is a 2d platformer, it was originally a school project made in Unreal in 1 month. I wanted to make something I would be able to complete in the given time and have enough time to test, bug fix, tweak the gameplay and polish. To make the game fast I wanted to keep it simple so all the character's are basic shapes and the names are a play on words of their shape.

The Legend of Ballerophon

The Legend of Ballerophon was the next iteration on the Circules game idea. It had better graphics from an artist and a different Greek myth for the story and characters to be based on.

Think Inside the Box

I made this game for a weekend in person game jam where the theme was mental health. I decided to make a space bullet hell game. I created the mechanic of having the character in a box where each side of the box has a colour filter, the primary colours red, green and blue, and there are 3 types of projectiles also read, green and blue. This leads to the player never being able to see all projectiles at the same time, which leads to gameplay involving navigating unseen obstacles. Different projectiles had different effects and only the red projectiles did damage, the green heals and the blue give points, there is a score quota for each level so you can't ignore them, all projectiles are important. There were different metaphors at play, like the red filter is the rose coloured glasses, it hides all the dangerous red projectiles from the player. Having the Blue filter out hides the score projectiles and can be seen as missed opportunities. The green filter hides the health projectiles showing lack of good self care and having trouble asking for help that comes with mental health difficulties. I didn't win the game jam, but I had a blast making the game and hanging out with other game developers.`

My Assets

RTS Flowfield System

This asset uses a vector flowfield to direct troop movement. Inspired by an article I read on vector flow fields being used in RTS games. Most the work went into increasing efficiency to allow more troops to be controlled at once.

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Large Number System

Description of Large Number System asset. I seen a lot of clicker and management games that use very long numbers, but there were no available solutions for that in the unity store, so I decided to make one. I used arrays of 3 digits because I wanted to have all the names for the different Numerical Names. For the math I convert it to a string and use 9's complement.

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Interactive Comic Maker

This asset if for making comics or slide shows. It is all unity canvas based.

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Dynamic Behaviour

I created this system based on the GDC talk about Valve's bark system. I developed it while making Vampire Dystopia and then built a unity asset based on it. It is a holistic control system in that it works on both players and NPCs using a fuzzy pattern matching system based off conditions.

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Ask/Tell Dynamic Dialog System

This system like my Dynaic Behaviour asset is based on the GDC talk about Valve's bark system. It is a rule system that uses a fuzzy pattern matching system based off of conditions.

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Update Loop Manager

Asset 3 Screenshot

I made this asset to run all updates from a single update. The script is a singleton and increases efficiency and performance in games.

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Valhalla Proving Grounds

Valhalla Proving Grounds Screenshot

Game jam game. The theme was single player battle royal.

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WhatsApp: +1 226-886-2972

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