Message from your Chaplain


Dear Brother Knights,

As you know, we are in the Easter Season which is the highest season in the Christian Faith and our Church year.  I hope you all had a blessed Easter.  The weather sure made it seem like Easter and it helped us celebrate the Resurrection. 

Since Easter, we have been hearing about the post-Resurrection Appearances of Jesus, and hearing about the rise and activities of the early Christian communities who experienced the risen Lord.  In our own lives, we, too, experience the risen Lord many times each day.  Every time we celebrate a sacrament, we encounter the risen Lord.  Every time we show acts of kindness and extend mercy to those around us, we see the risen Lord.  With the coming of Spring, we see signs of the risen Lord.  We need to try to be conscious of this so that we experience the risen Lord in our lives.

On May 15, we will celebrate the great feast of Pentecost, the birthday of our Church.  We also celebrate the sacrament of Confirmation at 2:00 in our cluster at St. Joseph’s Church.  I want to thank the Fourth Degree for the honour guard you will supply for that celebration.  I also want to thank you for all that you do in our Church and wider community.

Continue to enjoy the Easter Season.

Your Chaplain,

Fr. Dick Bester

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