Charity Lottery Tickets


Thank you to sellers at the mall March 11-20 : Gerry Culligan, Bernie Van Herk, John Saman, Mike Dunn, Jim Miron, Helen Goforth, Dave Nickel, Henry & Mary Sterkenburg, Dave & Joan Franks, Tom & Louise Gould, Jim & Elvira Gaylor, Frank & Mary Nyenhuis, Harry Visser, Edgar Chaput, Fred Dubrick, Larry McCabe, Ken Gaffney, Ron Marcy, Shawn Raiman, John Bettridge, Paul Smith, Joe Lynett, Lorne Johnston, Lorne & Sharon Twamley.


Gerry Culligan, Mike Dunn, Dave Nickel and John Saman persuade mall shoppers that two for $10 is a better deal than one for $5.

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