Grand Knight’s Message


Dear Brother Knights & Ladies:

As you peruse through this bulletin or wander through the shopping malls we are reminded of the Christmas Season.

Let us keep in mind that the real meaning of Christmas is “Celebrating the Birth of Christ”. We are called to be more Christ like and charity is one avenue. As I mentioned previously charity comes in different forms. It can be simple gestures. Sincerely wish someone a Merry Christmas or if in the checkout at a grocery store & the person ahead of you is a little short of funds, instead of them having to put some items back cover the difference. You may be surprised how good it makes you feel knowing you helped someone out.

As you read through this bulletin decide what you can also do to participate in events mentioned.

Our Boston Pizza fundraiser was a good success. The funds raised will be forwarded to St. Vincent de Paul. Thanks to those who contributed.

Our Ham Sales Fundraiser is underway. Please support it.

Our Christmas Dinner is coming up Friday December 11th. Tickets are $20.00 each. Hopefully you can attend.

Your Grand Knight

John J. Price

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