• Date is May 23rd in Pain Court, near Chatham.

  • All members are asked to recruit new candidates from the Third Degree.

  • Any potential Third Degree members who want to talk about joining the Fourth Degree are welcome to come to the March Dinner or the May Communion Breakfast.

  • Final date for submitting registration for the Exemplification is May 8th.

  • Information for the upcoming Exemplification, and other District events can be found at: http://www.kofc5thontdistrict.com, as well as on our own website: http://kofc1431.ca.

  • Do we do advertising for Exemplification?

  • Jeff has sent in half page advertisement and list of members for memorial page.

  • Jeff and Jean are working on a theme basket worth $100.00 for our Ladies fundraising. Funding for the theme basket has been approved

  • I have submitted our advertisement for the program, along with the names for the Memorial page.

  • Several of the members’ wives are working on the Theme Basket for the host Assembly’s fundraiser.

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