State Charity Lottery Tickets


$5.00 a ticket

A Total Of 1000 Prizes

(1) 2015 Ford Mustang Convertible

9 cash prizes: (1) $250,000, (1) $100,000, (2) $25,000, (5) $10,000

61.5 books of tickets were sold at the mall. Great job by sellers:

Dave & Joan Franks, Tom & Louise Gould, Henry & Mary Sterkenburg, Jim & Elvira Gaylor, Frank & Catherine Flood, Gerry Culligan, Ed Chaput, Harry Visser, Bernie Van Herk, John Saman, Shawn Raiman, Bill Mullin, Jim Miron, Jim Hurley, Mike Dunn, Fred Dubrick, Tony Hunter, Frank Nyenhuis, Larry McCabe, Joe Lynett, Dave Nickel, Paul Zybura

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